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How will video presenters augment my web business?

Unlike plain text, video is engaging and interactive, enticing visitors to make yours the website they explore. Video also empowers you to guide traffic to a desired destination in a much more effective way. Most visitors arrive at a usual website and leave within 10 seconds, but the incorporation of web videos will entice business out of the casual visitor.

Will the loading of my website be delayed if I have a web video?

No, as the video we provide you with will run at a low bandwidth to ensure no delay occurs.

What if you don’t have any presenters that are ideal for my video?

If none of our presenters are precisely what you are looking for then simply let us know. We will discuss your particular requirements and recommend alternative presenters who we think are most suitable.

What does your scripting service encompass?

We have a scriptwriting team of professional journalists who write for Television, Radio, Press and Online. They will take the ideas and inspiration for the message of your video and turn them into a script which is the correct length for the video. We are committed to producing a top quality script suitable for your needs.

I’ve seen similar things before, how is TVWebPresenters.com different?

TVWebPresenters.com offers a premium, bespoke service backed by a professional team at a real value for money cost. In addition our technology is cutting edge as we use Adobe Flex for all our videos, to make their quality superior.

How are videos displayed to my website visitors?

Your videos are displayed to visitors using the Adobe Flash Player meaning they can be accessed by over 99% of users in England and around 98.8% worldwide.